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International Social Security

Sending employees on assignment overseas for the first time can be daunting. Even if you’ve years of experience, sending employees to work abroad can also be fraught with complications if the country is a new one that you haven’t dealt with before. It’s hard sometimes to know whether you’ve got everything covered. We can help.

Tax Savings

Permanent transfer? Short term or long term assignment? New employment contract? Depending on how you move employees into and out of the UK, valuable reliefs may be available to help keep costs down. We can easily explore what could be available specifically to you.

International Payroll

Moving people around the world might mean their having to be on more than one payroll at a time. Does this mean they get paid twice? Do they pay two lots of tax and social security as well? What needs to be reported, when and where? Let us help you establish what’s required and in which countries

Short Term Business Visitors

Does your business bring people into the UK from overseas group companies to work on short projects? Do you send employees overseas to do the same? It’s not just a question of making sure they spend fewer than 183 days abroad and some people will be taxable from the start of their assignment. Do you know what your obligations are?

Ex Pat Tax

The area of expatriate tax and global mobility services is a wide-ranging field and has many aspects to it. Do you have UK company staff who are working remotely but who were never expected to be doing so? Do you usually bring staff into or send them out of the UK to work? Do you have staff who work almost entirely abroad but who spend a few days here and there working in the UK?

Employment Tax

Employment tax is a field encompassing all the different elements of the tax and social security considerations involved when you have directors and staff. In most cases the first thing that springs to mind will be PAYE (tax and social security withholding) but this is usually just the starting point. Global Eyes can help guide you through the maze.